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Not your parent’s summer camp!

Come hone your skills and go to the next level with FattFro Zone training programs to improve your speed, agility and ability!

Explosive Hitting and Five Tool Training

Our most popular class! Explosive hitting and Five Tool Training incorporates one hour of batting instruction and one additional hour of ‘essential tool training’ Players perform specific drills designed to improve ball exit velocity. The additional ‘Five Tool Training’ focuses on explosive exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, and hip rotation, throwing velocity, and running speed. Players are evaluated on day one and then again on day four.

Price: $200
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Basic Skills and Games

This class will covers all areas of the game; throwing, fielding, hitting, base running. Participants will also play Wiffle Ball, dodge ball, kick ball, and running bases. This class is geared toward the baseball and softball novice who is looking to have fun and develop skills and participate in a relaxed competitive setting.

Basic Skills Training is two hours in length.

10:00 am -12:00 pm
Non-Member Price = $225
Member Price = $200

Speed Training

This class is designed for all athletes that want to improve their running speed. Strength, agility, explosiveness, and form will be the focus during this week of intensive training.

Non-Member Price = $150
Member Price = $125

4 Student Max Capacity

Situational Hitting

This class is geared toward the more advanced player. Game like situations, live at-bats and mental approach on hitting are emphasized during this week of training. Players will focus on live batting practice, off speed training, how to hit in ‘the counts’, and the basic aspects of the mental approach in hitting. Situational Hitting is one hour in length.

Price = $150
10:00am-11:00am 11:00am-12:00pm 12:00pm-1:00pm 1:00pm-2:00pm

4 Student Max Capacity

Five Tool Training

The Five Tool Training program is designed to improve athletic skills that are important specifically to the baseball and softball player. It includes the following categories:

Ball Exit Velocity:

Players will be evaluated on the first day. During the week, players will focus on overload and underload swings, as well as FattFro’s original ‘Bat-Band Workout’ program, specifically designed to improve ball exit velocity which increases the distance on batted balls.

Throwing Velocity:

Players will be evaluated on the first day. Players will go through a specific band program as well as a weighted ball program of heavier and lighter balls. Wrist rollers, grip strength, and tennis ball sand cans will also be used to improve throwing velocity.

Running Speed:

Players will be tested on specific agility and speed drills. We will focus on explosive hip movement, plyometric jumping, starting and stopping exercises, dogsled and ‘prowler’ exercises, running with resistance bands, and more. These drills are designed to improve overall running speed.

Price = $125

4 Student Max Capacity

Call or Email to reserve Your Spot Today: 847-842-0003

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