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One again, Old Man Winter has brought frost to the fields and snow is in the air. But, inside the FattFro Zone, the weather is fine…!
Sign up your team for our Second Annual Indoor Hitting Tournaments!


Tournament Dates and Times

January, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017
10U Baseball

Saturday, January 14 2017
11U Baseball

Saturday, January 21 2017
12U Baseball

Saturday, January 28 2017
13U Baseball

February, 2017

Saturday, February 4 2017
14U Baseball

Saturday, February 11 2017
10U Baseball

Saturday, February 18 2017
11U Baseball

Saturday, February 25 2017
12U Baseball

March, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017
13U Baseball

Saturday, March 11, 2017
14U Baseball

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Championship Week

Get the Registration Form!

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2017 Winter Hitting Tournaments Registration Form - The FattFro Zone

Here’s the Details

2017 Winter Indoor Hitting Tournament


• 4 Team tournament
• Round Robin Tournament. Each team plays (3) 7 inning games with a drop dead time limit of 45 minutes.
• Winner of each tournament advances to Championship Week


• Teams must have a minimum of 6 players. No maximum roster count but batting order is continuous.
• Teams are required to play six players on defense. No throwing required. The defenders job will be to simply protect the outfield (wall or net). In determining a baserunner, the batted ball must stay in the fielder’s glove and possession. The ball may be bobbled as long as the ball does not hit the ground. As soon as the ball hits the ground after leaving the fielders glove or body, under every scenario, this will be viewed as a hit and the team will be awarded a base runner. Any ball that reaches the back wall or net in the air or on the ground will be viewed as a hit and the team will be awarded a baserunner.


• With two outs we will expect that the baserunners are moving when the ball is hit. On singles the baserunners will be awarded two bases. On doubles the baserunners will be awarded 3 bases. On a batted ball that is hit on the ground or in the air and the defender knocks the ball down to prevent the ball from reaching the wall/net, under this circumstance we will only award the base runners one base.
• Teams will hit off of Hack Attack Pitching Machine (we will provide extra tunnels for hack attack practice prior to your game)
• Hitting Zones will be clearly marked for results. Example: single – double – triple – home run
• We will provide 1 umpire to make all calls on the field. 1 Catcher will be provided.
• Any ball that hits the net on the ceiling before the yellow line will be an out. Any ball that hits the ceiling beyond the yellow line will be awarded a hit accordingly per umpire ruling.
• Any line drive ball that hits the protective screens in front of the pitching machine above the yellow line will be awarded a base hit. A ball hit below the yellow line that hits the protective screens will be called an out.
• When hitting with a 2 strike count the batter is allowed to take one pitch regardless of the location. After one “free” pitch the umpire will call the batter out on strikes. The reason for this rule is that occasionally the pitching machine will throw a ball and we will not penalize a batter on the first 2 strike call. The only time a batter will receive a “free” pitch is on a 2 strike count and the batter does not swing.
• There are no WALKS.
• Game can end in a tie.
• Any ball that hits the middle pillar no matter how hard or soft in the air or on the ground will be viewed as a dead ball and the pitch will not count.
• Great way to compete against other teams in a fun competitive atmosphere while getting game like pressure scenarios for your hitters
• We will keep score and keep track of statistics are reward team and individual prizes

Tie Breakers as follows:

Overall record
Overall Record
Head to Head
Runs Scored
Runs Allowed
One Batter Show Down

Go the Distance...


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